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    2018 China Mobile Digital Family Xixi Party

    On August 29, 2018, the “2018 China Mobile Digital Home Xixihui” hosted by China Mobile Group and China Mobile (Hangzhou) Information Technology Co., Ltd. was held in Hangzhou Grand, and was planned and organized by Hangzhou Jiuzhou Event. The spiritual fortress of the assembly. The theme of this event is to promote the development of China's digital home industry, expand the connection scale, enhance the connection value, share cooperation experience and innovative cooperation mode.


    Xu Ximing, deputy general manager of the marketing department of China Mobile Group, delivered an opening speech. He said that smart hardware is the future life development trend. China Mobile's vigorous promotion is a positive response to national policies, compliance with market penetration systems, and the obligation to lead users into smart life. More than 300 guests from China Mobile's provincial companies, terminal companies, Mi Wei companies, digital home partners, and media gathered at the scene to share their family business development experiences, explore industry trends, and explore a win-win cooperation model.


    China Mobile Digital Home Joint Innovation Industry was formally established. China Mobile “Hejia Zhilian, Insights into the Future”, with the aim of open sharing, cooperation and mutual benefit, through cooperation and discussion with partners, tap the cooperation and win-win model, and work together. Go ahead and build a new digital home ecosystem to create a new and smart life!


    The staff of the Jiuzhou team at the scene, working diligently, and seriously serving the service are the consistent standards of doing things. Jiuzhou plans to have 20 years of event planning experience, 300 elite team, more than 10,000 events experience, with the ingenuity of the Jiuzhou brand.


    Jiuzhou planning,professional team building, planning-integration-coordination-design-management for Party A to plan this event, one-stop service, from the multi-faceted and multi-dimensional display of Party A's strength, to be the strongest support and backing of Party A. After more than 20 years of development, it has successfully planned and executed hundreds of thousands of events. It is an international planning group that integrates six business segments: “Event Planning, Conference Planning, Exhibition Planning, Celebration Planning, International Projects, Business Travel Planning”.


    Jiuzhou has cultivated professional management team, planning team, creative team, design team, project team, media team, executive team, technical team, engineering team, etc. for more than 20 years, and accumulated hundreds of successful planning and execution cases. Building global social resources, industry expert resources, media resources, host resources, star resources, performing arts resources, hotel resources, hospitality resources, security services and other resources, exhibition equipment resources, and hardware facilities for exhibitions and Supporting service resources.


    Jiuzhou plans an international chain, which will create a “100-city planning chain”. Jiuzhou is more exciting for you!


    Jiuzhou official website:


    Free Hotline: 400-819-1976 

    Mobile: +8613911354921


    2018 China Mobile Digital Family Xixi Party

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