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    2018 World Women's International Forum

    Jiuzhou Planning Group and Sunshine Media Group was successfully held the 2018 World Women's International Forum in Beijing on the Zijin Hall of the International Conference Center, from April 23 to 24. The event was planned and executed by the Jiuzhou Forum Planning Company! Organizers invited Ms. Lan Yang, Chairman of Sunshine Media Group, Chelsea Clinton, Vice Chairman of Clinton Foundation,Xiaoge Xiong, Chairman of IDG Capital Global,Jianzhang Liang, Co-founder and Chairman of Ctrip,Yue Ge, Vice President of Apple,Director and General Manager of Greater China Manager; Wei Ji, Hua Ying Capital Founding Management Partner,Xiaobo Wu, famous financial write,Xiu Rong, University of Massachusetts Medical College Medical Professor,mindset decompression therapy founder Jon Kabat-Zinn, Ms. Dan Yu, famous cultural scholar, Beijing Normal University professor and other heavyweights, as well as many female business elites and elites in the media industry.

    "The World Women's International Forum" is the first forum brand for Chinese business women initiated by Lan Yang, the founder of Sunshine Media Group. This year is the fifth anniversary of the International Women's Forum. In the past five years, there are more than 140 guests and more than 5,000 guests were invited and the micro blog topic has read more than 500 million people. It has become the first indicator of leading women in business in China.

    Jiuzhou Planning Group adheres to the concept of ingenuity service, start from the brand concept strictly, collect internal professional planning and execution team, use a series of industry resources, approaching the preliminary project, to the mid-term design and planning, until the later implementation, tailor-made the professional services of the forum.

    Jiuzhou event planning Co., Ltd., established in 1995. Main business: event planning, conference planning, exhibition planning, celebration planning, brand planning, scenic planning. Jiuzhou has accumulated hundreds of thousands of project cases over the past 20 years, and established a chain of international planning industry resources to share global planning creative resources. Jiuzhou chain institutions have been established in more than 30 cities currently including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Wuhan, Changsha, Zhengzhou, Hefei, Nanjing, Fuzhou, Ningbo, Suzhou, Tianjin, Dalian, Seville, Spain, Salerno, Bangkok, Thailand, Sydney, Australia, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Taipei, Chicago, Los Angeles, Berlin, Brazil, Rio, and Vietnam. We have won many certificates, honors, qualifications and other awards in the planning industry, advertising industry, exhibition industry, and business community, and achieved abundant accomplishment.

    Jiuzhou has cultivated professional management team, planning team, creative team, design team, project team, media team, executive team, technical team, engineering team, etc. for more than 20 years, and accumulated hundreds of successful planning and execution cases, global social resources, industry expert resources, media resources, host resources, star resources, performing arts resources, hotel resources, hospitality resources, security services and other resources, exhibition equipment resources, and hardware facilities for exhibitions and Supporting service resources.

    Jiuzhou planning, an international chain, which will create a “100-city planning chain”. Jiuzhou is more exciting because of you!

    Jiuzhou official website: http://www.slzs88.com/en/

    Free Hotline: 400-819-1976 

    Mobile: +8613911354921

    2018 World Women's International Forum

    Jiuzhou Planning group, after more than 20 years development, successfully planned and executed more than hundreds of thousands of activities, focused on “signing ceremony, unveiling ceremony, foundation ceremony, opening ceremony, anniversary ceremony and other sections, Jiuzhou international chain planning is a high-end international meeting company.

    Sign-desk of 2018 World Women's International Forum

    Ritual girls of 2018 World Women's International Forum

    2018 World Women's International Forum

    Speech of 2018 World Women's International Forum

    Media interview of 2018 World Women's International Forum

    2018 World Women's International Forum

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