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    Ingenuity to build a dream, rare collection, Wuliangye send to the 80s launch conference cum Yaxi new product meeting

    Wuliangye's launch conference in the 1980s & Duck Creek's new product meeting was presented at the Grand Hyatt Chengdu in March 2018. This meeting was planned and executed by the planning company of the Jiuzhou Conference Company. Let us witness the glory moment of the Yinji Group's 2018 Spring Sugar Party.


    In the context of the internet transformation, Yinji Group has effectively realized the rapid development of cloud partnership projects. Since August 2016, the Yinji products have been commemorated at the Beijing Cloud Partnership Ceremony, Maotai, Wuliangye, Luzhou Laojiao, Jiannanchun, and Liquor are among the top five wines, and more than 500 quality city operators have joined the platform. The number of B-side members exceeds 140,000. In order to thank the partners for their strong support over the years, Yinji Group held a dealer appreciation conference to jointly explore the recovery period of the liquor industry, how to grasp the development of the industry, win-win development and seek the future.


    Liang Guoxing, Chairman of the Yinji Group ; Jun Yan, President of Yinji Group; Wei Li, Senior Vice President of Yinji Group; Shangsheng Hua, President of Guizhou Duck Creek Wine Co., Ltd.; Guochun Wang, President of Sichuan Liquor Association and Honorary Chairman of Wuliangye was invited to attend. The entrance door of the event is based on the shape of the traditional Chinese archway, blending into the modern fog screen projection, the fusion of tradition and modernity, and the silver-based group is well displayed.


    In the historical exhibition area of the Yaxi, the Jiuzhou planning team fully combines the new Chinese and Guizhou local elements to display the corporate image, old wine, history and honor of the duck raft from the shape and color system. And the display design is presented in the form of a mountain peak. After the launch conference, 400 guests gathered together for a feast, watched the performances of female role in Chinese opera, folk music, Chinese style magic show with Chinese Chuanyu characteristics. The launch event do not only highlights the mountains that have been climbed in the historical development of Yaxi, but also symbolizes the height of the peak of Jiazi, which is not separated from an elite team--Jiuzhou launch conference planning company. Since 1995, it has established more than 20 national chain branches. Professional to provide you: conference planning, event planning, celebration planning, exhibition planning and other comprehensive planning services. After 21 years of experience in 100,000 live cases, we have accumulated successful experience and customer satisfaction. The standard system of independent research and development of Jiuzhou team: planning, design, construction, execution and other service processes, adopting a national linkage mechanism and sharing resources. Make meeting events more efficient.


    Jiuzhou planning, an international chain, which will create a “100-city planning chain”. Jiuzhou is more exciting because of you!

    Jiuzhou official website: http://www.slzs88.com/en/

            Free Hotline: 400-819-1976 

            Mobile: +8613911354921

    Ingenuity to build a dream, rare collection, Wuliangye send to the 80s launch conference cum Yaxi new product meeting

    Jiuzhou Planning group, after 20 years of development, successfully planned and executed more than hundreds of thousands of activities, focused on “signing ceremony, unveiling ceremony, foundation ceremony, opening ceremony, anniversary ceremony and other sections, Jiuzhou international chain planning is a high-end international meeting company.

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